Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples, and families

Dr. Abbott has extensive experience working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. She utilizes an innovative and experiential approach that places control in the client’s hands. Emotional distress is stored in the body as well as the mind and often “talk therapy” alone is not enough. Experience-based therapies engage the whole self making therapy more effective.

Jennifer was a tremendous source of support for me during my divorce and a very difficult time in my life. Thank you.
— Bill, Boulder, CO

Trauma, substance abuse, and unmanageable feelings often go together. You may find you are using a substance to cope with past trauma or difficult feelings. You may experience stress in relationships and other areas of life as the result of an addiction. For some, substance abuse problems are not the issue but overwhelming emotions are. You may feel alone and unable to control your feelings. Relationships at home or at work may be difficult to navigate. With caring support and innovative evidence-based therapy it is possible to overcome all of these challenges.

Dr. Abbott specializes in helping people overcome:

Borderline and other Personality Disorders

Childhood Abuse

Grief and Loss

Disordered Eating

Suicidal Ideation

Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress

Relationship Problems

Addictions and Substance Abuse

Overwhelming Emotions

Self-Harming Behaviors