Dr. Abbott has over 10 years of experience supervising professionals and has a passion for supervision and teaching. She believes in empowering professionals to meet their goals and enhance their abilities.

Group and individual supervision provided for:

Addictions Counselors


Psychology Trainees

Graduate Students

Dr. Abbott utilizes a competency-based and developmental approach to supervision. Supervision is individually tailored to provide the most appropriate level of support. Supervisees develop the necessary skills and self-confidence to practice independently. Licensed professionals seek supervision and consultation from Dr. Abbott in order to develop competency in working with more challenging and complex clients. Both individual and group supervision are provided.

Supervision and Consultation Groups

EMDR Supervision

Ongoing EMDR supervision groups are provided for clinicians seeking EMDR certification. Groups are limited to four individuals and last ninety minutes.

Supervision for Professional Licensure and Addiction Certification

Dr. Abbott conducts weekly supervision groups for individuals seeking master's level professional licensure and/or addiction certification. These groups are limited to four individuals and last ninety minutes.

DBT Supervision

Dr. Abbott is Intensively Trained in DBT. She conducts regular DBT supervision groups for clinicians committed to learning more about DBT and/or who are completing a Foundational or Intensive training in DBT through Behavioral Tech, LLC. These groups are run as adherent DBT Consultation Team meetings. Supervisees must be willing to treat one or more clients using DBT in order to participate in a Consultation Team.

Advanced Consultation for Addictions, Personality Disorders, Suicidality, and Complex Trauma

"I am passionate about working with challenging and difficult-to-treat problems and helping other clinicians to do the same." A primary assumption in DBT is that clients cannot fail in therapy. The therapist can fail, and the treatment can fail, but the client cannot. Both effective consultation and professional support enhance our ability to successfully treat difficult problems. Additionally, without appropriate consultation it can be difficult to accurately identify issues that are outside our areas of expertise quickly enough to prevent problems. It can also be very difficult to work with challenging issues and dynamics effectively without support and consultation. When therapy fails under these circumstances it can lead to therapist burnout and to the unfortunate misattribution of failure to the client.

Regular consultation helps providers to accurately identify issues outside of their areas of expertise, to carry out treatment effectively, and to learn new skills and techniques that benefit their clients. Dr. Abbott provides advanced consultation for clinicians who either work with difficult-to-treat problems, or find that they have difficulty determining whether a client is an appropriate fit within the first session. She both enjoys and has extensive experience assessing and treating individuals who suffer from personality disorders (including Borderline Personality Disorder), suicidal ideation, complex trauma, addictions, severe mood disorders, and self-harming behaviors.

DBT and EMDR supervision can often be combined with supervision toward licensure. Consultation groups are also provided for licensed clinicians seeking advanced training and support in the provision of DBT and EMDR. Please email Dr. Abbott at Jennifer@AbbottPsych.com or call 303-579-4618 to find out more information.

Jennifer’s experience, wisdom, and use of humor were invaluable to me and conducive to my learning in a supportive way.
— Kristen, MA, LPC