Organizational Consulting and DBT Training

Consultation provided for agencies, therapeutic programs, and outdoor organizations working with difficult-to-treat populations. Customized DBT training is available either as part of your consultation package or as a stand-alone service. Please call Dr. Abbott at 303-579-4618 or email for more information.

Families in Crisis

It can be incredibly difficult to watch a loved one struggle, especially when that loved one is your child. Although you ultimately know what is best for your child, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lost during times of crisis. Abbott Therapeutic Solutions can help you navigate a wide array of options and services available to help your struggling adolescent or young adult

Jennifer helped me deal with my problems and grow into who I am. I am very grateful for her support.
— Lisa, Boulder, CO

Primary reasons for contacting Abbott Therapeutic Solutions:

You may:

Have exhausted options for your child or loved one

Feel your marriage or partnership may need to end

Feel your child is not reaching his or her potential

Be experiencing family conflict or marital strain due to your child’s behaviors

Fear for your loved one or child’s safety due to substance use and/or high risk behaviors

Feel you have lost control

Your loved one may be:

Struggling with emotional and/or behavioral problems

Experiencing academic or employment difficulties

Using drugs and/or alcohol

Having difficulty managing emotions

Engaging in risky and impulsive behaviors

Unmotivated and heading off track

Feeling isolated and alone

Experiencing suicidal ideation

Acting with a disregard for themselves or their relationships

Please call Dr. Abbott at 303-579-4618 or email for more information.